Thursday, September 30, 2010

balmain blingg

balmain ss 2011 is right up my inner 13-year-old's ally.  the insane mix of safety pins, studs, leather and ripped denim makes me thrilled that there is some deviation from the more structured silhouettes that we've seen for this fall.  also stoked that im still in college and can still pull these pieces off - there is a fantastic youth to this collection that i am sure we will see interpreted in a thousand ways as spring approaches!

woohoo for ripped jeans and sheer tights tooooooooo!! xx




Wednesday, September 29, 2010


i came across these glorious "stripper-meets-my little pony" shoes via solestruck blog.  they are a part of the newly launched fall 2010 boutique lines that solestruck will be carrying.  haus of price - lead by new orleans native james price jr showcases plain shoes made glamorous with everything from rhinestones to seashells.  the collection is called PRICELESS DYNASTY, totally fitting for such an avant garde line.  the designer takes vintage heels and gives them a pop - a wonderful look for a fancy night out!!  i sure wouldn't mind getting my hands on a pair for a trip to VEGAS!  keep your eyes out!! x

images via solestruck blog
images via haus of price

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


i love this. although im assuming it will be ubiquitous among fashion blogs soon, i'm obsessed.

Monday, September 27, 2010


these boots have been driving me crazy insane since they appeared on jeffrey campbell twitter (9/24) - like i haven't been able to sleep peacefully knowing that these exist and i don't have them.

i'm desperate. as far as i can tell they are called the "alison" LADY-K and it sounds like they're for the fall. ugh, i don't know i'm in a heat-wave coma and would LOVE all the aid in finding these beauties that i can get. please. **available at SOLESTRUCK.COM soon!


no joke they make my mouth water. ahhh. xoxo

Sunday, September 26, 2010


i have this fascination with polyvore - as i am sure every blogger has spent hours playing with layers over layers of every item of clothing you could imagine with a simple click of the mouse. as i sit here watching the season premier of dexter (i'm still a little miffed that rita actually died) i couldn't help but play with the site. here are some treasures - some i own and some i discovered and are now at the top of my search list! 

ps im really into bows right now. and lace. and those quilted leather shorts.
pps dexter gets real dark. dont know how i feel about that. xx

Saturday, September 25, 2010

dope taupe

jeffrey campbell's LITA in taupe - my new favorite item of clothing. i held out for a while because i was not inspired by any of the colors the LITA came in (i own more black shoes than i know what to do with) and finally i saw these babies! they are the PERFECT color for fall - beige and grey and soft and almost worn looking. definitely a must have.

Friday, September 24, 2010

ice ice baby

helen furber

helen furber

helen furber

helen furber

a friend of mine just shared these AMAZING shoes with me!  they're from London's College of Fashion's recent graduate, Helen Furber.  these shoes, appropriately named "icia", resemble the natural formation of stalactites and icicles.  this title is fitting considering these shoes are completely eco-friendly, made from organic leather and bioresin (biodegradable plastic resin) and the manufacturing takes in consideration the dismantling of the shoe to keep each part recyclable.

i am quite partial to this stalactite formation - maybe because i spent a significant amount of weekend time tromping around caves and caverns with my dad.  anyway, i am in love - and researching where the heck i can get my hands on some of these!!

images via ECOUTERRE xx

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


it seems particularly fitting that the last day of summer in the northern hemisphere would be a gloomy cloud-saturated day. this year seems to have passed with brief periods of sun threatened by the onset of moisture. this weekend i spent some time just south of San Francisco and as the weather gods would have it, it was fantastically sunny and beautiful. just my luck.

yesterday i attended the NFL monday night football game with brad and his dad at candlestick park.  i love football season - the changing of the air, the idea of going back to school after a lazy summer and the festivities that come with the games. anyway, it was the first professional football game i have ever been to and i am happy to say i came away with a stomach full of beer and soft pretzel and a WIN! (woohoo SAINTS!) 

my one cell phone shot!

i am also a new convert to LACE UP BOOTS - they have ceased reminding me of the "punk" movement in high school and have transcended to an all new level in my closet. i found these steve madden PERRIN boots last weekend and after wearing them ALL weekend i will share them with all!

these have two sets of hooks in between a center lace up section and a neat red backing on the zipper. im smitten.

ps - who else has jumped on the BOARDWALK EMPIRE bandwagon? you should, its good.

Friday, September 17, 2010


pamela love, a "rocker-girl" jewelry designer, native new yorker is every true blood/the craft followers biggest icon.  she designs intricate over-the-top pieces that each seem one of a kind and authentic. she debuted her spring 2011 line this week at NYFW and it was all the rage. if you are looking for a bird claw earring, some metal "rope" rings, a statement bangle or a piece of wearable artwork held up by a super delicate chain, look no further! her pieces are available at so check it out! 

pamela love herself, dying. 

images via

Thursday, September 16, 2010


NEWEST JEFFREY CAMPBELL X LF! i'm obsessed with the color pallet! (plus, a girl can have multiple pairs of animal print shoes...right?) go check them out before they're gone!! xo

images via Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i am a HUGE proenza schouler fan - like so much so that i came home from shopping (crazy, i know) to make sure i could watch the live feed on  subsequently i have insisted my boyfriend watch it with me as i still sat in a complete trance.  the colorful palate and wearable textures were some of my favorite looks i have seen all week!  the collection featured a Japanese tie-dye technique called "shibori" which created the beautiful prints that served as a fabulous background for the statement necklaces (like really, STATEMENT pieces) that hun around many model's necks.  proenza schouler's models sported messy messy updos and minimal make up, which is absolutely wonderful for all of us who wake up 10 minutes before we're due at school/work/etc.  i totally recommend you watch the video of the show (it's posted on like every fashion website out there so i will not be redundant and put it here -- but really, if you dig jack and lazaro -- it's worth checking out!)

images via 


tory tory tory, thank you for the most ready-to-wear spring collection we have seen this year.  these pieces are bright and sunny and literally will translate directly from runway to sidewalk. i love. duh. 

images via Getty Images for Wall Street Journal

on another note -- ALICE + OLIVIA runway scattered with shades of CORAL lipstick. ahh dying. xo

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


friday was FASHION'S NIGHT OUT (LA style) and my mom and i went out and perused Robertson Boulevard before heading to Neiman Marcus for some pampering! the streets were CRAZY with people shopping and hanging out in the festivities!

our first stop was to Paige Denim, where we bought some jeggings (our ultimate favorite) and hung out with the most adorable pooch! then it was off to Intermix, where we scooped up some FNOLA tees, and Alice + Olivia, which would have made my sister's head spin! there was a hypnotic cocktail bar and an entire TABLE full of bin candy with little bags to make little goodie bags! (sooo cute and we totally would have made ourselves some but i made myself sick on cotton candy salt water taffy and my mom did the same on sour grapefruit chews, so we left it for the kiddies!) then we headed to Tory Burch where my mom's wonderful sales guy, Andre, had a jacket waiting for her! after we nixed the jacket and munched on mini cupcakes we hightailed it to Neiman Marcus where we finished off the night amid couture gowns and photo ops! (we missed the fashion show, but oh well)  on our way back we tried to eat at taiko, but it had closed literally two minutes before we got there so we headed home and noshed on leftover pizza and sorbet! all in all, a fantastic night! we cannot wait for next year's!! 

ME at Neiman's photo wall!
blazer: elizabeth&james - cutoff sleeve blouse: elizabeth&james - jeggings: paige - shoes: sam edelman FALKEN clogs - bag: marc by marc jacobs

My wonderful mother at Neimans!

jacket: tory burch - silk tank: ? - scarf: wright's - jeggings: paige - belt: j. crew - shoes: kelsi dagger - bag: gucci

so, so, so much fun! i love you mamma :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

r. minkoff s2011

rebecca minkoff's presentation at NYFW was nothing short of spectacular!  the spring trends we have been seeing were illuminated on a giant stage of lovely.  this show featured Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast.  altogether wonderful. xo

rebecca minkoff spring 2011 runway

rebecca minkoff spring 2011 runway

rebecca minkoff spring 2011 runway

images courtesy of fashion indie xo

Sunday, September 12, 2010

derek lam WC dreamin

derek lam's spring 2011 collection, a stunning display of all over medium washed denim, was inspired by minimalism on the west coast.  i love how springs trends are mimicking the traditional west-coast dress code and i would like all the pieces NOW because they actually would be perfect for this fall(summer) October weather.  platform sandals = HUGE, snake skin + bags = PERFECT!

derek lam s2011 runway

derek lam s2011 runway

derek lam s2011 runway

derek lam s2011 runway

derek lam s2011 runway

derek lam s2011 runway

images courtesy of ZIMBIO xx