Sunday, January 30, 2011

sundaze five

today was unexpectedly very crazy - and i am not a fan of crazy sundays...especially ones after excessive wine consumption on saturdays - so this bit of inspiration may find you cozy on the sofa or in the morning, but either way this week i am going to remember how to be calm...hence the blue motif ive got going on...enjoy!
images via weheartit

Thursday, January 27, 2011

closet voyeur

i have developed a total fascination with closets and the way people organize their most prized redesigning my little space i have come to covet interesting little pieces and i am on a constant quest for cool clothing artwork {ie if you want to do a little flea market shopping with me lemme know!!}. enough jabber though - here is a quick glimpse into my ever-changing wardrobe!! 

like? like looking into other people's life? well you are in luck because i am going to do some major snooping and feature some of the best wardrobes i find :)


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


winter finally remembered it is JANUARY, even in southern california, and has decided to half-heartedly come back into the scene. walking to class yesterday i even in jeans and a button-down so today i am drawing some inspiration from the LF tumblr and pairing a whimsical maxi skirt with a grandma headband/scarf/blanket and a huge coat. i am telling you...i am into this slouchy messy look...if only i could find a properly structured handbag...ahhhem.

ps how COOL is this hair thing? i love. xx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i got this fabulous hinged cage ring from Dainty Demeanor on ETSY - it is almost an exact replica {minus most of the detailing} of PAMELA LOVE's "double caged ring" - only it retails for only $25 {rather than $460}...

i have very mixed feelings about knock off jewelry - on one hand, it is fantastic that these cool pieces are accessible to just about anyone {and really, who has an extra $500 laying around to buy a trendy piece of metal??} anyway, i think that knock offs of more trendy jewelry are a lot easier to stomach - because i would be willing to splurge if it was on a genuine, CLASSIC piece that i was going to have for a lifetime - {this ring, though - not quite}.  the other side of the argument, however, is that the designers of these miniature works of art are not benefitting from the sales of these cheaply made pieces. even more so, i think that the knock offs devalue the original pieces {of something like not talking ANY other sort of knock}.  there are a lot of {if's} and {but's} that i will not get into but basically the real one is fabulous and the knock off is so-so. 

i was super excited to receive this ring - until i put it on for a night out...forget about holding anything or taking pictures...the two pieces of the ring are not measured properly so that it feels like it is falling off if it is on so that your finger can bend...maybe i just have weird fingers though...

PAMELA LOVE double cage ring here {see the details...amazing}

overall - i am not really disappointed in this guy - for as inexpensive as it is i figured that it was not going to be very comfortable and at least i didn't turn my finger black {!!}

on another note {regarding my terrible nail polish job} i had quite an unfortunate experience with shellac nail polish the other day...the whole point of this "gel" nail polish {so i thought} was that it was super easy and wouldn't chip for weeks {okay, A week...} but literally two days after i got it done, one of my nails had a huge CHUNK missing! not to mention it took sooooo long...anyway - i will probably try it again {probably elsewhere} but as of now, i am sticking to my regular polish routine!!! so sorry for my little rant...thoughts??

Monday, January 24, 2011

danielle nicole

Danielle Nicole spring 2011 collection

today i was fortunate enough to meet the fabulous Danielle Nicole from Danielle Nicole Handbags and learn a little about her collection. Danielle began her journey at FIT in NYC where she deconstructed her favorite bags to examine how they were made! she continued her leather-smith studies by taking on apprenticeships throughout Europe before launching her current handbag company.  i was lucky enough to see some of her SPRING 2011 collection and let me tell you, i cannot wait to get my hands on one of these!!!

Danielle Nicole spring 2011 collection

one of the things that truly stood out about these bags was the DETAIL! each strip of fringe is perfectly aligned and they are all made from italian python patterned leather - i am currently totally obsessed with fringy things {also anything/everything that hangs off clothing...} 

Danielle Nicole spring 2011 collection

also - the line features some very structured "proper" sillohettes that i am currently going crazy for! i am totally into slouchy sort of "messy" clothes paired with a really professional looking handbag -- and these are completely in that sort of category...i mean, how CUTE is this ruffle guy!?!?

Danielle Nicole spring 2011 collection

Danielle Nicole spring 2011 collection

i am totally into the snakeskin accents on these bags - and even more into this crazy fringy shoulder sack. {like, i NEED one} i can just see this guy hanging out at the hawaii...and i am in love.

another super cool part of this meeting was that we were able to see the {newest} fall 2011 collection straight from the factory.  um i can only say WOW. the best colors and most amazing shapes i have encountered in a long time! i seriously will be getting my hands on these...especially this BLUE.

ME with Danielle Nicole fall 2011 collection {photo credit Erica of Sweets and Hearts}

the picture doesn't do this bag true justice...think beautiful cerulan sort of dark blue.  ah, i am obsessed!  here are some more!

Danielle Nicole spring/fall 2011 handbag collection

here is all of us! {from left} Natalie of Pursuit of Cute, Danielle Nicole {how CUTE is she?!}, Erica of Sweets and Hearts, Kelsi of Dedicated Follower of Fashion {who set everything up and is absolutely amazing!!} and MOI!

you can check out Danielle here and find her collections at SAKS throughout the nation!!  thank you again Danielle!!! xx

Sunday, January 23, 2011

sundaze four

strangely into tattoos these days. loving delicate ones and things that look like magic. also feathers. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

market week

vest: THEORY - dress: VENA CAVA for AQUA - shoes: JEFFREY CAMPBELL - purse: FURLA

here's a quick street style shot compliments of Kelsi from our LA adventure! it was fantastically hot and sunny and i managed to tromp around all day {7 hours...} in my 6 inch JC's. also the debut of this VENA CAVA for AQUA {bloomingdales} silk dress from fall 2010 - very comfy but just a littttttle too the print though. thoughts? happy friday!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


so totally into mismatched nails these days...

CMC runway

i am honored to say that i had the opportunity to attend the CMC's Contemporary Collections Runway Show for summer 2011 {thank you Kelsi!!} and it was amazing. the breezy fabrics and short hemlines looked fabulous on the concrete runway and it even made me wish for a little more sunshine! 

this show featured six designers - DarlingBlue Pearl {a brand new sports wear line introduced by Allen Schwartz of A.B.S.}, Amour VertEva VarroHippietiques and Lindi. each designer's looks highlighted the use of color and pattern for the upcoming season and i am in love with all the CORALS and GREENS that i keep seeing everywhere {how awesome is that coral Missoni-esque sheath!?}!!!  

another aspect of the show that i am happy to say was totally consistent throughout each designer was the presence of SKYSCRAPER heels -- looks like teetering platforms are here to stay {!!!} -- also very dark extended eye make up {which is sort of tricky but i'm working on it...}.

all and all the day was FANTASTIC and it was even more fun to catch up/hang out with Kelsi {Dedicated Follower of Fashion} and Natalie {Pursuit of Cute}!! Thank you girls - and watch out for some more posts from our wonderful day!! x

Monday, January 17, 2011

trend recap: GOLDEN GLOBES

lea michele {oscar de la renta} - january jones {versace} - emma stone {calvin klein} - natalie portman {viktor and rolf} 

elisabeth moss {donna karan} - mila kunis {vera wang} - catherine zeta jones {monique lhuillier} - angelina jolie {versace}

scarlett johnasson {elie saab} - leighton meester {burberry prorsum} - anne hathaway {armani prive} - kaley cuoco {katherine kidd}

totally into the spring 2011 trends seen at last night's GOLDEN GLOBES! i am loving deep emerald green and so happy that so many women chose to wear it!!!.  everyone was so wonderful looking i wish there was an easy way to show them all but this was the way i saw the trend lines go down...of course there were beautiful black gowns {eva longoria, julia stiles} and everything in between but these were the ones that really rocked the red carpet!

i have narrowed my favorites to three {one from each trend group}...and they are january jones, angelina jolie and anne hathaway. who do you think was the wardrobe winner?! xx

Sunday, January 16, 2011

sundaze three

inspiration sunday...i will be reorganizing my closet this week! wish me luckkk!! xx

Saturday, January 15, 2011

dk drip

the next time i get all fancy i am SO wearing drippy beige. i LOVE it - whoever thought such a blah color could be so breath taking...xx

Thursday, January 13, 2011

dabble in color

guess i'll get to rock the SPIKESS after all!! waiting like forever for my p. love treat to myself...xx
PAMELA LOVE pre-fall 2011