Sunday, October 31, 2010

ps xx

proenza schouler. LOVE.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


halloween is finally here!!! woohoo! this year i was/am going to be 1. little red riding hood (pictured above) and 2. a 70's dancer. as of 11 am yesterday i was feeling very uninspired so i capitulated and dragged my kitty friend of Tasteyland SB to one of those MEGA costume warehouses...i was pretty successful (albeit boring) and i came out with the biggest TIP ever...

if you are small (read: small boobs & rather short) and don't want to pay the $78 for a silly "adult" costume...visit the CHILDREN'S section of the store. this gingham dress was marked as a "tween" costume and was the exact replica of the adult version only for $35! i had to splurge!!

to create my look: use LOTS of black eyeliner, MAC fake lashes and tons of GLITTER (when else is glitter {on your face} appropriate besides jr high??) i added a tutu petticoat for poof (again, appropriate only on halloween and raves) and VOILA!

to create the cat: BLACK EYELINER and the biggest MAC lashes that they sell - trust me the lashes were amazing and brit went for simple chic (really, our creativity was pretty low yesterday) and found kitty ears, a tail and the most precious little gloves at Clair's [gag] for $6. pretty nice.

i am doing a little brain storming for sunday {i can't be so lame/unoriginal on the actual day of halloween!!} so stay tuned for an awesome costume coming up!! xx

Friday, October 29, 2010


shoes: jeffrey campbell

i am sitting here lamenting my first thursday night of santa barbara halloween not going out on the town by sitting on the sofa in a sweatshirt and heels. albeit heeled booties, i am still grasping that tinsy bit of glamor that i once was so enthralled with. tomorrow, tomorrow....

on another note -- OMG yay for gretchen jones PR winner!! woo hoo!!! loved the boho/amazonian/nevada native american tribe look!! xx

Thursday, October 28, 2010


finally cracked my stack of magazines begging to be read (the boyfriend was getting a little impatient with the plethora of fashion related pages on the coffee table) and i was shocked/amazed/in LOVE with these two photographers (aneta bartos & elle muliarchyk) the minute i laid eyes on their pictures {via W MAGAZINE}. both eastern european women capture the essence of the female spirit wonderfully and i cannot wait to see more!

insanely EVOCATIVE.

all images via TrendLand, (first two pictures, aneta bartos, last three, elle muliarchya)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


of course as soon as i get entirely comfortable with the wind and clouds and daily drizzle - it stops. but my desire for cozy knit sweaters has grown infinitely. this morning after class, a 45 minute line at the health center and a gourmet breakfast (of shredded oat cereal with soy milk and bananas) i was admiring the colors in this gorgeous sweater and just HAD to snap some shots! enjoy!!

sweater: H&M - necklace: pure heart - bag: PRADA - leggings: LnA - shoes: JC litas

how lux are these textures?!? i feel as though i should have been in a pumpkin patch!! happy wednesday! xx

Monday, October 25, 2010

tangello kitty kat

the sky hangs in a delicate balance of burgundy and tangerine and the air is stagnant with desiccating gusts of wind. the santa ana winds have arrived.  for everyone who has not suffered through a fall of these treacherous coastline dry heat spells, i envy your rain and snow and sleet and humidity.  normally, these terrible days begin early in october and finally give way to nippy days right around halloween, but i guess the weather gods are a little behind this year. 

it comes as quite a shock that halloween is already a week away - so tonight after meeting up with the girls for a little wine and tacos, i was itching to get my hands on my costume box and get the brain juices going!! i haven't decided entirely what i am going to be but i grabbed this mask and i'll probably stick it on (it has a headband) wednesday night for happy hour!! 

duke hated this mask. this is evident in the blood blister scratch under my left eye. ughhhhhhh. xx what are you guys dressing up as?!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


yummmm. Dangerous Liaisons: Lara Stone and Jeremy Renner, Vogue Nov 2010
via by steven klein

Friday, October 22, 2010


sorry for the nail-art-diarrhea but these are the coolest little things!! available at SEPORA, my next pair will be leopard. ahh! x

Thursday, October 21, 2010

sally mann

my freshman year of college i took a series of art studio classes that i can definitively say made a greater impression on my soul than any other class i have ever taken. the midterms/finals were a series of 12-16 page papers on an artist of our choosing, and in my case, sally mann. her photos have a way of evoking sadness, pain, joy and love all at the same time. i love her use of light and dark and the forced maturity of her innocent subjects. the pictures are beautifully inspiring.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


lanvin for H&M

november 23rd marks the fabulous day that the lanvin for H&M debuts in stores!! after a summer of patiently waiting, FINALLY! the collection will be shown online on november 2nd - so mark your calendar, this is not something to miss. 

the belts, the asymetrical blazer and texured BLACK! ah, love. and the best news yet is that the H&M in ventura, ca is now open!! woohoo!!

image courtesy of stylelist

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


a little sparkle to ease the gloom :) i am absolutely loving the new OPI sparklessss!

you don't know jaçues: OPI sparklicious: OPI

Monday, October 18, 2010

fresh prince{ss}


image courtesy of SHOWSTALKER


rainnnnn! finally time to wear my fancy BURBERRY rain boots!! these were one of my mom and my's first purchases when i moved up to santa barbara -- and i still LOVE them. at home UGG boots always sufficed for rain drenched mornings but up here the rain is a little more violent. ha! 

burberry rain boots - 7 for all mankind cargos

Sunday, October 17, 2010


i have been drooling over alexander wang's black platform boots since as long as i can remember - and while i am still holding out for the real deal, once i was able to close my mouth i started a search for some knock offs. i totally HATE the idea of a knock off but hello, it makes no sense to spend $1,000 every time i fall in love with something :)

i still haven't found a perfect replica of the smooth platform lines that the real ones have but here are some of the two i have come across that may make the cut!




MINIMARKET JODPHUR WEDGE $325 urban outfitters

LEATHERETTE BOOTS $26.80 forever 21

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010


i have sort of a hat crush - although i am not the best at wearing them (too hot, too itchy, can't see anything...blah blah blah) but the more i see them popping up in magazines and fashion editorials, the more i wanted to experiment and see if i could in fact make myself a hat person.  i found this lovely maroon hat at forever 21 and decided that for $15 dollars i would start with a floppy felt hat.  I LOVE IT!  i feel so put together and grown up wearing it -- besides the fact that it makes me laugh at the threat of rain (haha, no raindrops on me!).  i would definietly say that a hat is a must have for these next few weeks (even if you do live in southern california...).  tell me what you think!!

hat: maroon felt FOREVER21 - tee: american apparel boatneck - jeans: black true religion - boots: cream modern vintage

how are you guys feeling about hats this season!?!  have to run but happy FRIDAY!!  xx

Thursday, October 14, 2010


im in LOVE with my newest cloth-quisition (get it, clothing + acquisition??) haha, but really.  after seeing this scarf/blanket/sweater/gigantic wonderfulness sprouting up on some mannequins, i searched until i found it (well, found it for less than $100) and pounced.  besides being the absolute perfect enormous size (bigger = better in way of outwear for me), it is LEOPARD print!!!  holy cow, this is a MUST HAVE!! check it outtt!! 

shoes: F21 zipper booties - pants: 7 for all mankind cameo green cargos - tee: Elizabeth&James - scarf: URBAN OUTFITTERS blanket/shawl

yes, that is my poor bike from iv - no, i have not touched it since moving in - the vines are even starting to wrap around in the basket and i have grown quite fond of how sort of country-chic it makes the backyard - for duke of course. ha!!