Saturday, October 30, 2010


halloween is finally here!!! woohoo! this year i was/am going to be 1. little red riding hood (pictured above) and 2. a 70's dancer. as of 11 am yesterday i was feeling very uninspired so i capitulated and dragged my kitty friend of Tasteyland SB to one of those MEGA costume warehouses...i was pretty successful (albeit boring) and i came out with the biggest TIP ever...

if you are small (read: small boobs & rather short) and don't want to pay the $78 for a silly "adult" costume...visit the CHILDREN'S section of the store. this gingham dress was marked as a "tween" costume and was the exact replica of the adult version only for $35! i had to splurge!!

to create my look: use LOTS of black eyeliner, MAC fake lashes and tons of GLITTER (when else is glitter {on your face} appropriate besides jr high??) i added a tutu petticoat for poof (again, appropriate only on halloween and raves) and VOILA!

to create the cat: BLACK EYELINER and the biggest MAC lashes that they sell - trust me the lashes were amazing and brit went for simple chic (really, our creativity was pretty low yesterday) and found kitty ears, a tail and the most precious little gloves at Clair's [gag] for $6. pretty nice.

i am doing a little brain storming for sunday {i can't be so lame/unoriginal on the actual day of halloween!!} so stay tuned for an awesome costume coming up!! xx


Heidi said...

You look great on Halloween! I would have never guessed that was a "tween" outfit! LOL Great find! :)

Terri said...

You're pretty convincing! Don't be taken in by any wolves disguised as grandmas.