Friday, October 1, 2010

dark side of fall

okay, i'll admit it, i've become kind of a nail polish junkie.  as i said before (here), my fascination with enamel coated nails is primarily due to my best friends in college, but now that i have discovered these gems, Lacquer Laine and Vampy Varnish, my hobby has turned almost obsessive.  as my wonderful boyfriend pointed out, i have painted my nails more this week (4x) than i have washed my hair (2x).  whatever, i just want to try out every polish that looks interesting!! 

anyway, i took some pictures.  these are two colors in the Essie fall 2010 collection.  the first color is Little Brown Dress.  the color in the bottle is quite dark and honestly when the two polishes i ordered came in the mail at first i couldn't tell the difference.  anyway, this is a dark dark brown that looks chocolate-y in the sun and blackish indoors.  i think it would be absolutely perfect for cloudy days in november.  i tried to get the brown to show through as much as i could!

pictured first just outside in the sun and then outside with the flash.  after wearing this color for about 30 hours it started to get too dark so i (tried to) spice it up with some Essie "Matte About You" - i have always loved the reverse moon manicure -- so i attempted to recreated it free-hand.  i am actually really embarassed to post this picture but whatever im in to the imperfect so oh well! (suggestions on how to actually do this would be LOVED)

the second color i tried out was Velvet Voyeur.  it is a very dark purple that indoors has a lot of depth and outdoors resembles one of those dark purple grapes (don't ask me where that came from).  it is a pretty shade that again, will look lovely once the southern california sun goes away!  i am going to go out and find a glitter polish to put over it for now though.  enjoy! 

pictured first outside and then inside with no flash -- you can see the purple now!!  all in all, i think i am going to have to stick with my bright colors (and khakis, DUH) for now but come those wintery days i will be more than happy to pull these out! xo


Anonymous said...

Oooh. That purple is the color of the grapes that have inspired me.

Have you found anything in khaki?

Alex said...

terri! you are so right i must have had that mental image in my head from reading about your grape picking adventure! haha. i absolutely love the lighter colors from the essie fall collection -- but my favorite khaki is "you don't know jacques" by OPI! xx