Sunday, October 10, 2010

ankles in bloom

i am obsessed with these shoes.  also with these socks.  i am loving the booties w/ socks trend that is popping up everywhere for the fall and i am finally ready to embrace it fully -- so this weekend a visiting friend and i set out on a sock mission.  i assumed every store we walked into would have a large display of the perfect length socks in the perfect fabric.  boy was i wrong!  it took 3 stores to finally find some (2 pair) acceptable ones (at LF of course) and then another 24 hours to find another bunch (6 pair) that i could actually see myself wearing.  anyway, these are the ones i wore today and they were as comfy as tennis shoes!

shoes: LITA by JEFFREY CAMPBELL socks: LF shorts: a&f tee: AA

i know i have already gushed about these shoes but i just can't get over how fierce they are and i also wore them all weekend so i feel they need more attention!  happy sunday! xx

6 comments: Maegan said...

They're cute ...and do look comfy.

Emily said...

Gorgeous!! We just got these in red!! However, def thinking we need to check out this color as well :)

Anonymous said...

I like the contrasting socks!

Theresia Natalie said...

what a very cool shoes. looks so fabulous! is that really comfy wearing those?

p.s following you too,
big hugs,

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Anonymous said...

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