Wednesday, October 27, 2010


of course as soon as i get entirely comfortable with the wind and clouds and daily drizzle - it stops. but my desire for cozy knit sweaters has grown infinitely. this morning after class, a 45 minute line at the health center and a gourmet breakfast (of shredded oat cereal with soy milk and bananas) i was admiring the colors in this gorgeous sweater and just HAD to snap some shots! enjoy!!

sweater: H&M - necklace: pure heart - bag: PRADA - leggings: LnA - shoes: JC litas

how lux are these textures?!? i feel as though i should have been in a pumpkin patch!! happy wednesday! xx


Heidi said...

Love the chunky sweater and the shoes and handbag as well! Great outfit. :)

Kelly said...

Love this outfit!! The chunky knit is amazingg!!

<3 Kelly

Monique said...

Love this look! And those heels are just stunning!
xo M

Sophi said...

Love the blue in the warm autumn light :)


Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing !!

Katie Kaer said...

love this alex!