Tuesday, July 27, 2010


the principle cast of mad men (aren't the clothes FABULOUS)

it's mad men season!! this sunday was the season 4 premier of mad men, an AMC original that has taken the US by storm. the plot centers around a married (now divorced) couple and their lives - he is an advertising executive on Madison Avenue, and she is a stay-at-home mom. their story sheds light into the glam of the 1960's and is an absolutely AMAZING show to watch for clothes/home decor inspiration.

january jones as betty draper - the perfect housewife in search of elusive happiness.

off screen, january jones is a siren - a perfect combination of red lips and blonde hair - she has been all over fashion magazines for quite some time

jon hamm, as donald draper, fiercely creative and cunningly adultrousm - this Madison Avenue exec seems to have everything in place until the skeletons in his closet begin to emerge.

jon hamm is a well recognized actor who manages to pull the 60's off in a very sexy way!

betty draper and henry francis (christopher stanley)

look at her clothesssss! makes me want to only wear vintage from now on!

donald draper = absolute perfection = LOVE the mysteriousness

bethany (anna camp) from episode 1

as i was watching this scene - i could barley take my eyes off that dress, but when i did - i realized that that woman was familiar -- and i figured it out! she is the reverend's wife, sarah newlin, from another of my favorites - true blood. ha, figured it out!

i cannot wait to see what the rest of the season will bring - and if you're not watching - you should.

Monday, July 26, 2010

chain gang

stockholm's 2009 shoemania winners tove jansson & per emanuelsson = brilliant.

image courtesy of jefferycampbell via fooyoh.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


let me be honest, i have always sort of cringed when walking by "maxi" skirts in department stores - i dont know if it is because i have this vivid mental image of my mom in an olive green floor-length crinkly skirt that at 12 years old i deemed hideous. actually, i still think its quite ugly but whatever - my attention has been shifted to the newest MAXI trend: the maxi skirt.

these skirts are adorable and perfect for the summer-to-fall transition! i was lucky enough to snag a black column from LF and cannot wait to wear it with a cropped tank. i know, i know - how am i, at 5'barely3", going to wear a skirt that is 4' long? - well the answer is heels, heels, HEELS and belting the skirt at my waist which makes crop tops even more appealing!

regardless of height - i recommend, highly recommend, investing in one of these sheaths. here are a few looks straight off the runway!

the maxi skirt from LF

the maxi skirt by richard chai

the maxi skirt charlotte ronson

the maxi skirt by peter som

another maxi by peter som

enjoy! and have an amazing weekend! xx

Thursday, July 22, 2010

fall boot frenzy

as much as i love the sticky heat of summer, i cannot wait for the fall. i have so much anticipation that i have been boot shopping. yes, i will not be able to wear these babies for a few months but just knowing that they are in my closet waiting for me is reassuring.

these boots, maryn by steven for steve madden, are beautiful. they come in three colors - stone grey, cognac and black leather. my eyes went straight to the "grey" because in reality they are actually a shade of brown which will easily match with jeans, black pants and even a brown sweater.

i love the zipper detail in the back - it is a working zipper too so there are endless ways to wear them! also, it's not super apparent in the pictures - but the whole calf portion is folded over - an interesting design that makes these boots not only great for sipping some cocktails but also just lounging around on a rainy day!!

these torin booties by sam edelman are fabulous. i spent quite a long time just staring at these beauties and actually had a dream about them last night - they are PERFECT for the nighttime in southern cali! they are tall enough to distinguish from the booties from fall 2009, which were more ankle height.

gahhh wonderful and match EVERYTHING that is in my closet. im thinking even some black knit socks and skinny jeans?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

steel diamonds & pearls

this past winter i was fortunate enough to meet a fabulous jewelry designer, sara graham. the san francisco based metalsmith uses traditional techniques to create wonderfully unique pieces. most striking in her jewelry is the juxtaposition between the blackened steel and multicolored diamonds and pearls which she weaves into rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. her unusual creations are truly inspiring.

the collections are named for what object they embody - which also serve as creative, fun categories that can be explored in her website.

collection of stacking rings

beautiful "coral" collection that embodies the essence of the ocean with beautiful caged diamonds and a perfect rendition of a sea-flower

my own sara graham stackables with my mom's tricolor gold bands
( please ignore how terrible my hands/nails look :) )

more stacking rings - i just can't get over how wonderful they all look together

cocktail ring that my mom bought - which looks AMAZING on and a fantastic and unique piece


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


gypsy 05, a quintessential Californian collection of colorful, flowing fabrics. israeli designers osi and dotan shoham create pieces that they believe take one from day right into night. they gather inspiration from nature and use exquisite dye techniques to transform airy fabrics into dimensional wardrobe essentials.

Alex Silk Tie-Dye Maxi Dress, $198

Gara Silk Flutter Maxi Dress, $229

Amber Maxi Dress, $145

Allie Silk Shorts, $119

as i have mainly posted pictures of flowing maxi dresses, you can tell that they are BY FAR my favorite part of their otherwise tee-shirt heavy collection. my gypsy05 maxi is one of my wardrobe staples - although it is yellow and blue - i can't even count how many times i have sported in on a HOT day. the cotton (in my case) or silk, is excellent in heat wave braving...and as of late in southern california, those pieces are of dire need!

photos courtesy of http://gypsy05.com, stop to browse their collection of lookbooks and for an easy one-stop-shop!

Monday, July 19, 2010


it is incredibly fitting that this SUPER fall clog is called the solvang -- i love that place, i love their vinooo and also - how much more DUTCH can you get than BIG, CHUNKY, ready-for-the-rain heels?

i think it is necessary to invest in a pair of each color...duh.


thank you, FREE PEOPLE.COM, for these amazingggggg creations :)

LnA f2010

i am on a forever quest to find comfy, perfectly draping men's wear to cuddle up in on a blustery day - so when i found LnA a few years ago, i hit the jackpot.

LnA, created in los angeles by lauren alexander and april leight, is a collection of the PERFECT leggings and worn-in tees.

here are some of their fall 2010 pieces -- which seem to fit in so nicely to santa barbara's bipolar weather...

sheer cotton + leather = amazinggg

favorite pre-shredded tees

layers, layers, layers and more layers = obsessed

stripes = next hottest item!

photos courtesy of mark iantosca and elle magazine

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

romper feverrrr

as the days get hotter and hotter here in santa barbara, i can't help but LOVE the look of a slouchy romper. the shorter, flowy-er, and girly-er the better! here are a few of my fav looks -- for every budget!

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent
Keyhole Cami Romper, Shopbop.com

Forever 21
Ethnic Pattern Woven Romper, forever 21.com

Torn by Ronny Kobo
Emily Romper, Shopbop.com

Forever 21
Leafy Knit Romper, forever21.com

C&C California
Gauze Smocked Strapless Romper, Shopbop.com

a romper is a perfect summer-to-fall piece you can pair with tights and a light sweater when the air gets chilly! hope this makes your day a little bit brighter!! xx

Monday, July 12, 2010



JC's 10th anniversary collection, ON THE RUN, is planning a massive hit on the fashion market soooon!! the looks are inspired by 1970's london, prehistoric times, female russian spies, vintage x-training and 1990's underground warehouse parties.


proenza schouler rst 2011

proenza schouler, named such from the maternal maiden names of the two STELLAR designers, jack mccollough and larazo hernandez, is a wonderful collection of youthful and creative pieces.

the resort pieces are funky and incredibly wearable - no matter where you are! the color scheme is also perfectly neutral and has the right pops of color in the perfect places!

im smitten :)

oh and the SHOES?! cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of those....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

emma hack, amazing

emma hack, body artist, began her career as a certified make-up and hair stylist and has found her way to body painting. her work examines the female form and the beauty added to such standard arrangements.

i love it. enjoy.