Tuesday, July 27, 2010


the principle cast of mad men (aren't the clothes FABULOUS)

it's mad men season!! this sunday was the season 4 premier of mad men, an AMC original that has taken the US by storm. the plot centers around a married (now divorced) couple and their lives - he is an advertising executive on Madison Avenue, and she is a stay-at-home mom. their story sheds light into the glam of the 1960's and is an absolutely AMAZING show to watch for clothes/home decor inspiration.

january jones as betty draper - the perfect housewife in search of elusive happiness.

off screen, january jones is a siren - a perfect combination of red lips and blonde hair - she has been all over fashion magazines for quite some time

jon hamm, as donald draper, fiercely creative and cunningly adultrousm - this Madison Avenue exec seems to have everything in place until the skeletons in his closet begin to emerge.

jon hamm is a well recognized actor who manages to pull the 60's off in a very sexy way!

betty draper and henry francis (christopher stanley)

look at her clothesssss! makes me want to only wear vintage from now on!

donald draper = absolute perfection = LOVE the mysteriousness

bethany (anna camp) from episode 1

as i was watching this scene - i could barley take my eyes off that dress, but when i did - i realized that that woman was familiar -- and i figured it out! she is the reverend's wife, sarah newlin, from another of my favorites - true blood. ha, figured it out!

i cannot wait to see what the rest of the season will bring - and if you're not watching - you should.

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