Thursday, July 22, 2010

fall boot frenzy

as much as i love the sticky heat of summer, i cannot wait for the fall. i have so much anticipation that i have been boot shopping. yes, i will not be able to wear these babies for a few months but just knowing that they are in my closet waiting for me is reassuring.

these boots, maryn by steven for steve madden, are beautiful. they come in three colors - stone grey, cognac and black leather. my eyes went straight to the "grey" because in reality they are actually a shade of brown which will easily match with jeans, black pants and even a brown sweater.

i love the zipper detail in the back - it is a working zipper too so there are endless ways to wear them! also, it's not super apparent in the pictures - but the whole calf portion is folded over - an interesting design that makes these boots not only great for sipping some cocktails but also just lounging around on a rainy day!!

these torin booties by sam edelman are fabulous. i spent quite a long time just staring at these beauties and actually had a dream about them last night - they are PERFECT for the nighttime in southern cali! they are tall enough to distinguish from the booties from fall 2009, which were more ankle height.

gahhh wonderful and match EVERYTHING that is in my closet. im thinking even some black knit socks and skinny jeans?


Amanda said...

love them both. the second pair are to die for, seriously! lucky! :)

Julianna said...

AMAZING boots!! I love the 2nd pair! Where can I find these?

Alex said...

they are actually ON SALE at nordstroms right now as part of their anniversary sale. enjoy! xx

professional term paper help said...

Looks nice, easier said than done, to find them somewhere