Saturday, July 24, 2010


let me be honest, i have always sort of cringed when walking by "maxi" skirts in department stores - i dont know if it is because i have this vivid mental image of my mom in an olive green floor-length crinkly skirt that at 12 years old i deemed hideous. actually, i still think its quite ugly but whatever - my attention has been shifted to the newest MAXI trend: the maxi skirt.

these skirts are adorable and perfect for the summer-to-fall transition! i was lucky enough to snag a black column from LF and cannot wait to wear it with a cropped tank. i know, i know - how am i, at 5'barely3", going to wear a skirt that is 4' long? - well the answer is heels, heels, HEELS and belting the skirt at my waist which makes crop tops even more appealing!

regardless of height - i recommend, highly recommend, investing in one of these sheaths. here are a few looks straight off the runway!

the maxi skirt from LF

the maxi skirt by richard chai

the maxi skirt charlotte ronson

the maxi skirt by peter som

another maxi by peter som

enjoy! and have an amazing weekend! xx

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