Tuesday, July 6, 2010

park city weekend

just got back into LA from a luxurious 4th of July weekend in park city! the weather was fabulous, the food amazing and the activities never ending!

on Friday night we went to my favorite local pc restaurant, Shabu. this place features contemporary asian cuisine with a funky local vibe. it is a must-do if you find yourself hungry and downtown pc.

Laurel and Olivia at Shabu

the trip was not complete without a ride down the river...the 40 degree river. excited, we all blew up our tubes and drove 45 minutes to the "floating spot" where we jumped onto our meager floats and felt the burning cold water. needless to say, the six of us, born and raised in southern california, did not last very long in the river.

Me, blowing up 1/6 rafts

Laurel, Olivia and Me, gearing up to jump in!

Tate, Olivia and Laurel making their way down the path, Brad headed down the river!

on the trip to home depot to find an air pump (which proved unsuccessful as you can see above), my sister and i found squirrel food. obviously, i was overjoyed. growing up in southern california (again), has greatly limited my experience with wild animals. we created a concoction and hung out to watch the drama that followed.

My pet squirrel!

we did manage to find some time to shop...i love shopping in pc because i can almost always find some really random FUN piece! we found a really cute theory dress/vest set that i will post pictures of asap!!

must get to bed/finish this wildly entertaining episode of america's got talent!!

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