Tuesday, August 31, 2010

VENA CAVA genius

so vena cava for aqua comes out today at bloomingdales! yesterday afternoon i was able to scoop a few of these AMAZING pieces up from the newly opened santa monica bloomingdales. (fyi, this bloomingdales is awesomeeee - there is also a brand new barney's co op and a fabulous nordstrom - so go. now.)

here are a few of the vena cava pieces - they also have a more military looking set of similar pieces that will go great for fall and are all priced wonderfully under about $200.

images via NYLON 

Friday, August 27, 2010

carry me home cargos

must have. fall 2010. xx

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


the 80 degree weather in manhattan beach has made packing for balmy new york city absolutely miserable.  the idea that the sweat on my forehead is planning on hanging out for the next week (or longer) is such a depressing thought that all i want to do is lay in a cold shower and drink fou-fou sugary drinks.

i have decided i must pull myself through this hot spot (literally, haha) and pack bearing in mind i will soon be in heavenly air-conditioned stores filled with FABULOUS FALL clothes.

here are some of my fall "cool-shopping-inspiration" images!  thank you intermix fall 2010 lookbook!

images via intermix

Monday, August 23, 2010


this post is inspired by some of my closest friends and their passion for nail art that apparently has rubbed off tremendously on myself!  i would like to draw everyone's attention to the FANTASTIC nudes coming from the best polish producers for this upcoming fall.  these calming colors (very much matte) will look awesome with all the neutral fabrics we've seen on the runways for late 2010 - early 2011.  scoop these guys up before they disappear!! 

les khakis de chanel - created especially for NYC's fashion's night out, these colors are camo-cool and i cannot wait to get my fingers on each color! (from left, khaki brun, khaki vert, khaki rose)

chanel: paradoxal - the new rage in chanel colors, this mystic purple/brown shimmer is sure to be sold out within a day so snatch yours up asap!

OPI: you don't know jacques - actually THE color i am sporting right now this little guy will take you straight from summer to fall! it's pretty, brownish indoors and lavender in the sun = LOVE.

essie: merino cool - a lovely shade of dirty little sheep (merinos?) this guy's a little more slate colored and perfect for those gloomy gloomy days of fall.

essie: sew psyched - greeeeeeen! i have to admit the first time i saw green nail polish on a friend of mine - i was not a fan - but then i went to the aforementioned friend's house where she had multi shades of green and have since been smitten (mind you this was last thursday haha) 

essie: velvet voyeyr - fall always calls for a dark mysterious not-quite-black color...and this is IT for this year. the light will pick up the purple shades while inside they will turn into a neat little black!

images from various and makeupandbeauty, all polish available on amazon.com 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

fly me to the stars

alexander mcqueen wing embroidered booties made just for walking on moondust.  xx

images via net-a-porter, $1285

Friday, August 20, 2010

earth child