Monday, August 9, 2010


i need to put a disclaimer on this post - thus far in my blogging career i have yet to do an outfit post - which is something pretty standard for a fashion blogger to do - and i have to start this first one with some words about how awkward this whole process actually is.

generally - i love what i am wearing. i love everything down to the rings on my fingers - and my whole body is a collection of things that i think work wonderfully together - that being said - this is not the first set of "outfit post" pictures i have taken. i find that clothes, other than on models, look considerably better in motion - not staged and stiff.

anyway, these pictures were taken at a bed & breakfast in idyllwild, ca. this little town is a quaint mountain get-a-way (if you had a friend/boyfriend in tow) although fairly remote.  there is no cell phone service (cringe) but bountiful internet sources.  i think i am significantly more comfortable somewhere i can run to CVS and/or Starbucks at all hours of the night - but if you're into the wilderness - this is the place to be.

MAXI MAXI MAXI skirts = all the rage!

maxi skirt: emma & sam, LF boutique - crop top: emma & sam, LF boutique - shoes: sam edelman hazel sandals, nordstrom - scarf: thrifted - long necklace: pure heart boutique

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alex!
I love your first outfit post! It took me a while to get comfortable taking photos for my blog. Just keep taking them, and eventually you'll be so use to it, you won't even think about it!

♥ Suze