Wednesday, August 11, 2010


it's clothing christmas!!  the LF sale opens to the public tomorrow, AUGUST 12th!!  if you are only going to hit up one or two end of summer sales this one is an absolute must.  i made it out of the door clothed and ready to shop (before 9am) this morning for the private sale and let me just tell you it was better than christmas morning!!

yay! yay! yay! yayyyy!

tie dye is still in style in my book - check out the cotton maxi dresses that will be perfect for battling the september/october so. cal heat wave!

i'm currently madly collecting dream catchers.  as soon as i find some free time i am going to do a diy. promise.

no, i could not resist this flirty number.  i'll hand it to my mom for finding it in all the rumble!

I WANT MULTI-COLORED HAIR! but i am wayyyyy to commitment-phobic to actually do it. clip insssss here i come!

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