Thursday, August 5, 2010

camel hide

i tend to put off reading magazines (besides the bible, vogue) until i am stranded at lax with 300 glossy pages in my lap. by no means do i avoid these haute picture novels, i just find that it is so easy to scroll through the internet to find exactly what i am looking for than to search through a mountain of pages. the time has come - however - i have finally subscribed to my faves (harper's bazaar, lucky, instyle, and elle) and from the moment they arrive at my door (4-6 weeks of course), i will become an avid magazine reader.

on my most recent trip to utah, i scooped up the august issues of a few publications (SO annoying that none of the september pages are out yet!) and i found an editorial or two that struck my fancyyy.

i was insanely thrilled when my suspicions about camel came true -- THIS GORGEOUS COLOR = SOPHISTICATION -- has taken the lead as the next season's must have! and to put a cherry on top, animal prints (read: leopard, cheetah) are back in in the perfect porportions! i have my eye on a fabulous ancient scarf in my mother's closet....but back to the editorials...

aline weber, brazilian model, lightens up the pages of the key pieces editorial in the august 2010 harper's bazaar. this editorial is by far my favorite one i drooled through - i cannot wait for fall and all the neutrals the winter months will welcome!

hot, hot, haute images by greg kadel for harper's bazaar 2010


nyc lu said...

beautiful photos! is that a leather trench, or does it just look like it? i love it!

Justine Guy said...

I loved this ed! my fav pic is the second one.