Tuesday, August 24, 2010


the 80 degree weather in manhattan beach has made packing for balmy new york city absolutely miserable.  the idea that the sweat on my forehead is planning on hanging out for the next week (or longer) is such a depressing thought that all i want to do is lay in a cold shower and drink fou-fou sugary drinks.

i have decided i must pull myself through this hot spot (literally, haha) and pack bearing in mind i will soon be in heavenly air-conditioned stores filled with FABULOUS FALL clothes.

here are some of my fall "cool-shopping-inspiration" images!  thank you intermix fall 2010 lookbook!

images via intermix

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Catie Beatty said...

All great looks! These are definitely my inspirations for Fall! I actually just styled an outfit similar to the first picture, haha