Monday, July 19, 2010

LnA f2010

i am on a forever quest to find comfy, perfectly draping men's wear to cuddle up in on a blustery day - so when i found LnA a few years ago, i hit the jackpot.

LnA, created in los angeles by lauren alexander and april leight, is a collection of the PERFECT leggings and worn-in tees.

here are some of their fall 2010 pieces -- which seem to fit in so nicely to santa barbara's bipolar weather...

sheer cotton + leather = amazinggg

favorite pre-shredded tees

layers, layers, layers and more layers = obsessed

stripes = next hottest item!

photos courtesy of mark iantosca and elle magazine


writing research papers said...

sheer cotton with leather looks so good. But with stripes......this one borried me

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