Friday, October 15, 2010


i have sort of a hat crush - although i am not the best at wearing them (too hot, too itchy, can't see anything...blah blah blah) but the more i see them popping up in magazines and fashion editorials, the more i wanted to experiment and see if i could in fact make myself a hat person.  i found this lovely maroon hat at forever 21 and decided that for $15 dollars i would start with a floppy felt hat.  I LOVE IT!  i feel so put together and grown up wearing it -- besides the fact that it makes me laugh at the threat of rain (haha, no raindrops on me!).  i would definietly say that a hat is a must have for these next few weeks (even if you do live in southern california...).  tell me what you think!!

hat: maroon felt FOREVER21 - tee: american apparel boatneck - jeans: black true religion - boots: cream modern vintage

how are you guys feeling about hats this season!?!  have to run but happy FRIDAY!!  xx


Meagan said...

Gorgeous! I have a hat crush too! They've been my obsession for the last few weeks and I thrifted a few great ones over the weekend. Yours is fabulous though! I love the color, shape, size, it's just perfect! And it looks great on you. You are a hat person!

Anonymous said...

Alex--the hat brings out a side of you I haven't seen before.

The other day I was on campus feeling pretty put together and then my dean arrived. I watched her walk across campus with her hat and patterned lacy tights. And, grrr, she STOOD out!

Heather said...

I really like the hat. It really makes the outfit pop. Esp. since its a really great color and a has a great shape to it.

Anonymous said...

The hat is fabulous!!! And the color is amazing! A nice change from the typical black floppy felt hat. :) haven't seen any at my local f21 but def am planning to keep an eye out for them now.