Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i got this fabulous hinged cage ring from Dainty Demeanor on ETSY - it is almost an exact replica {minus most of the detailing} of PAMELA LOVE's "double caged ring" - only it retails for only $25 {rather than $460}...

i have very mixed feelings about knock off jewelry - on one hand, it is fantastic that these cool pieces are accessible to just about anyone {and really, who has an extra $500 laying around to buy a trendy piece of metal??} anyway, i think that knock offs of more trendy jewelry are a lot easier to stomach - because i would be willing to splurge if it was on a genuine, CLASSIC piece that i was going to have for a lifetime - {this ring, though - not quite}.  the other side of the argument, however, is that the designers of these miniature works of art are not benefitting from the sales of these cheaply made pieces. even more so, i think that the knock offs devalue the original pieces {of something like this...im not talking ANY other sort of knock}.  there are a lot of {if's} and {but's} that i will not get into but basically the real one is fabulous and the knock off is so-so. 

i was super excited to receive this ring - until i put it on for a night out...forget about holding anything or taking pictures...the two pieces of the ring are not measured properly so that it feels like it is falling off if it is on so that your finger can bend...maybe i just have weird fingers though...

PAMELA LOVE double cage ring here {see the details...amazing}

overall - i am not really disappointed in this guy - for as inexpensive as it is i figured that it was not going to be very comfortable and at least i didn't turn my finger black {!!}

on another note {regarding my terrible nail polish job} i had quite an unfortunate experience with shellac nail polish the other day...the whole point of this "gel" nail polish {so i thought} was that it was super easy and wouldn't chip for weeks {okay, A week...} but literally two days after i got it done, one of my nails had a huge CHUNK missing! not to mention it took sooooo long...anyway - i will probably try it again {probably elsewhere} but as of now, i am sticking to my regular polish routine!!! so sorry for my little rant...thoughts??

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