Tuesday, January 11, 2011

bullets and bunnies

bullet casing quartz pyrite necklace

rabbits foot necklace handmade

a few things i am dyingggg over these days...
1. hiyamoon bullet casing [quartz & pyrite] necklaces {these guys are AWESOME - completely handmade and totally affordable} they are approaching wardrobe STAPLE {support this amazing craftsman here}
2. handmade {by ME} rabbit's foot necklace {remember jr high when it was cool to have a bajillion weird keychains...and neon bunny feet...} anyway - totally into this taxonomy thing recently - or maybe just still into FUR {contemplating making quite a few of these...takers?}
3. ysl enamel rings - LUSTING for now...contemplating the dark blue {photo here, available here}


Heidi said...

Gorgeous rings and necklaces! Love the third necklace/picture!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I am in love with these YSL rings! Truly fabulous!

xo Mary Jo