Monday, January 24, 2011

danielle nicole

Danielle Nicole spring 2011 collection

today i was fortunate enough to meet the fabulous Danielle Nicole from Danielle Nicole Handbags and learn a little about her collection. Danielle began her journey at FIT in NYC where she deconstructed her favorite bags to examine how they were made! she continued her leather-smith studies by taking on apprenticeships throughout Europe before launching her current handbag company.  i was lucky enough to see some of her SPRING 2011 collection and let me tell you, i cannot wait to get my hands on one of these!!!

Danielle Nicole spring 2011 collection

one of the things that truly stood out about these bags was the DETAIL! each strip of fringe is perfectly aligned and they are all made from italian python patterned leather - i am currently totally obsessed with fringy things {also anything/everything that hangs off clothing...} 

Danielle Nicole spring 2011 collection

also - the line features some very structured "proper" sillohettes that i am currently going crazy for! i am totally into slouchy sort of "messy" clothes paired with a really professional looking handbag -- and these are completely in that sort of category...i mean, how CUTE is this ruffle guy!?!?

Danielle Nicole spring 2011 collection

Danielle Nicole spring 2011 collection

i am totally into the snakeskin accents on these bags - and even more into this crazy fringy shoulder sack. {like, i NEED one} i can just see this guy hanging out at the hawaii...and i am in love.

another super cool part of this meeting was that we were able to see the {newest} fall 2011 collection straight from the factory.  um i can only say WOW. the best colors and most amazing shapes i have encountered in a long time! i seriously will be getting my hands on these...especially this BLUE.

ME with Danielle Nicole fall 2011 collection {photo credit Erica of Sweets and Hearts}

the picture doesn't do this bag true justice...think beautiful cerulan sort of dark blue.  ah, i am obsessed!  here are some more!

Danielle Nicole spring/fall 2011 handbag collection

here is all of us! {from left} Natalie of Pursuit of Cute, Danielle Nicole {how CUTE is she?!}, Erica of Sweets and Hearts, Kelsi of Dedicated Follower of Fashion {who set everything up and is absolutely amazing!!} and MOI!

you can check out Danielle here and find her collections at SAKS throughout the nation!!  thank you again Danielle!!! xx

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