Wednesday, January 5, 2011

how to: bling and feather

before i left for utah, i discovered the coolest thing i have seen in a while...feather hair extensions. [here] the idea that they are totally natural {rooster tails} and will stay in as long or as short as you'd like - is totally in line with my impulsive tendencies - so i obviously had to learn how to do them.  also, my sister finally got her hands on some bling string {hair tinsel} so i was expected to figure that out too...

best thing about both these hair trends -- they are EASY to apply and pretty hard to mess up so i definitely recommend trying them on your own!

feather hair extensions

the feathers come both separately and in little "bunches" and the bling string comes in spools {and also in like 6 colors...}

feather hair extensions

to get the feathers into your hair: 

1. isolate a small bit of hair that you would like to affix the feathers to - i have done them both on the upper sides of the head as well as under the ear - they look good in both places but under the ear is more apparent

2. [not pictured] slide a metal crimping bead {they sell them at beauty supply stores for extensions} onto the bit of hair and then slide in the feathers of your choice - 3 to 7 feathers per bead...

3. CRIMP with metal pliers! voila! you are "feathered"! [to remove simply un-crimp the bead and pull out]

feather hair extensions

feather hair extensions

to get the bling string into your hair:

1. cut a piece of tinsel long enough to be doubled and still the length of your hair

2. isolate TWO or three STRANDS of hair and affix the sting by pulling the hairs through a slip knot at the end of the bling string

3. tie the string and hair in a few knots -- ta dah! [it will fall out in a week or so but it looks super festive in the meantime!]

feather hair extensions

feather hair extensions

if done correctly - the bling string looks like subtle highlighting that shimmers in the light - which is actually quite pretty. watch out for the colors though - at one point i had red in my hair and looked like a wanna-be pirate...ha.

anyway, i am totally in to change-able looks, especially for my hair, so if your itching for something new...try one of these temporary embellishments!!  enjoy!!

***if you are a Santa Barbara {or neighboring area} resident and would like someone else to apply your feather extensions - i am currently prepared to deck you out! shoot me an email and we can chat!! xx***
bling string here

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