Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i am a HUGE proenza schouler fan - like so much so that i came home from shopping (crazy, i know) to make sure i could watch the live feed on  subsequently i have insisted my boyfriend watch it with me as i still sat in a complete trance.  the colorful palate and wearable textures were some of my favorite looks i have seen all week!  the collection featured a Japanese tie-dye technique called "shibori" which created the beautiful prints that served as a fabulous background for the statement necklaces (like really, STATEMENT pieces) that hun around many model's necks.  proenza schouler's models sported messy messy updos and minimal make up, which is absolutely wonderful for all of us who wake up 10 minutes before we're due at school/work/etc.  i totally recommend you watch the video of the show (it's posted on like every fashion website out there so i will not be redundant and put it here -- but really, if you dig jack and lazaro -- it's worth checking out!)

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Catie Beatty said...

I really love Proenza Schouler. I want to name my daughter Proenza.

The foggy neutrals were so amazing, but it was the hair and make-up that really caught my eye. I love the powderiness of the blond hair and the nearly-beige lips.

Terri said...

I like the sheer overdress(es) and the variety of textures. The lack of make-up has come pretty naturally to me for a LONG time.