Saturday, September 25, 2010

dope taupe

jeffrey campbell's LITA in taupe - my new favorite item of clothing. i held out for a while because i was not inspired by any of the colors the LITA came in (i own more black shoes than i know what to do with) and finally i saw these babies! they are the PERFECT color for fall - beige and grey and soft and almost worn looking. definitely a must have.


Terri said...

I agree with you on this excellent color! Are they challenging to walk in?

BTW, I have granted you a blogger award. If you're interested stop by my blog on Sunday.

Alex said...

hi terri! they are actually surprisingly comfortable - especially with socks! you are so sweet i will for sure stop by! xo

Ray said...

All of your shoes are incredibly dope. They're now on my MUST HAVE OR WILL DIE list. :D Are these difficult to walk in? How much did they cost you, if you don't mind my asking. They are gorgeous as are all the shoes you've included in your lovely blog. :)

juno said... did you see this?

Alex said...


Anonymous said...

Love these shoes! Where can you get them from?
Please send me an e-mail: