Friday, September 24, 2010

ice ice baby

helen furber

helen furber

helen furber

helen furber

a friend of mine just shared these AMAZING shoes with me!  they're from London's College of Fashion's recent graduate, Helen Furber.  these shoes, appropriately named "icia", resemble the natural formation of stalactites and icicles.  this title is fitting considering these shoes are completely eco-friendly, made from organic leather and bioresin (biodegradable plastic resin) and the manufacturing takes in consideration the dismantling of the shoe to keep each part recyclable.

i am quite partial to this stalactite formation - maybe because i spent a significant amount of weekend time tromping around caves and caverns with my dad.  anyway, i am in love - and researching where the heck i can get my hands on some of these!!

images via ECOUTERRE xx


Anonymous said...

what a dramatic looking shoe!

Liana said...

wow those are crazy! but extremely unique and amazing! :)

CHIC Sensibility... said...

These heels are crazy hot. It is a work of art.