Tuesday, September 21, 2010


it seems particularly fitting that the last day of summer in the northern hemisphere would be a gloomy cloud-saturated day. this year seems to have passed with brief periods of sun threatened by the onset of moisture. this weekend i spent some time just south of San Francisco and as the weather gods would have it, it was fantastically sunny and beautiful. just my luck.

yesterday i attended the NFL monday night football game with brad and his dad at candlestick park.  i love football season - the changing of the air, the idea of going back to school after a lazy summer and the festivities that come with the games. anyway, it was the first professional football game i have ever been to and i am happy to say i came away with a stomach full of beer and soft pretzel and a WIN! (woohoo SAINTS!) 

my one cell phone shot!

i am also a new convert to LACE UP BOOTS - they have ceased reminding me of the "punk" movement in high school and have transcended to an all new level in my closet. i found these steve madden PERRIN boots last weekend and after wearing them ALL weekend i will share them with all!

these have two sets of hooks in between a center lace up section and a neat red backing on the zipper. im smitten.

ps - who else has jumped on the BOARDWALK EMPIRE bandwagon? you should, its good.


Anonymous said...

are these flat in the heel? It's a lovely, fun boot either way.

Alex said...

hey terri! ya they are pretty flat (about 1/2 inch)! xx

MADMSL said...

Those boots are gorgeous,
they are a boot miracle!
Very nice and great blog.