Monday, September 27, 2010


these boots have been driving me crazy insane since they appeared on jeffrey campbell twitter (9/24) - like i haven't been able to sleep peacefully knowing that these exist and i don't have them.

i'm desperate. as far as i can tell they are called the "alison" LADY-K and it sounds like they're for the fall. ugh, i don't know i'm in a heat-wave coma and would LOVE all the aid in finding these beauties that i can get. please. **available at SOLESTRUCK.COM soon!


no joke they make my mouth water. ahhh. xoxo


BlueVanilla said...

lol...those are definitely pretty awesome! FOCUS and they could be yours soon! :-D

Heather said...

Those boots are divine!!!! I hope you're able to find them!

Thanks for the sweet comment! Your blog is great too. I'm now following. Hope you come follw mine :)

Anonymous said...

they're lovely, but I can't help you. I DO hope you are able to sleep though.