Tuesday, September 7, 2010


you would think after living in santa barbara for 4+ years i would know to bring a jacket -- always.  even on the warmest days the wind gods have the tendency to blow ferociously.  anyway, there is an urban outfitters unfortunately located downtown in between our local haunts -- and if the door is open, i am known to spontaneously invest in a new jacket that almost never matches my outfit at the time.  on sunday i had the same urban run-in, as it was the last sunday of tonic's sunday sessions and OF COURSE brad has to stand 1.5 feet away from the DJ -- outside in the chilly wind.  i was absolutely estatic to find this perfectly worn military-esque slouchy ECOTE coat.  i have been looking for something exactly like this ALL SUMMER and i was about ready to turn to thrifting (santa barbara thrifting just doesn't normally cut it) when i spotted this little baby!  it was kismet! 

here is a close-up of the rest of my outfit - TIE DYE MAXI DRESS: lana (?) no idea where it came from probably angel...LACE CUT OFF TANK: millau, from LF

duke was FREAKING out as i was trying to take these pictures - he's pretty smart and knows that when you put on a jacket it normally means your leaving - so basically he wouldn't leave me alone, we've been doing errands together all day :) i let him get in a few pics (and note his presence in the first two pics) haha.

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