Wednesday, September 29, 2010


i came across these glorious "stripper-meets-my little pony" shoes via solestruck blog.  they are a part of the newly launched fall 2010 boutique lines that solestruck will be carrying.  haus of price - lead by new orleans native james price jr showcases plain shoes made glamorous with everything from rhinestones to seashells.  the collection is called PRICELESS DYNASTY, totally fitting for such an avant garde line.  the designer takes vintage heels and gives them a pop - a wonderful look for a fancy night out!!  i sure wouldn't mind getting my hands on a pair for a trip to VEGAS!  keep your eyes out!! x

images via solestruck blog
images via haus of price


Fay said...

couldn't you use your sorority glue-gunning skills to make them yourself though? that's what I would do! :)

Alex said...

hahahaha yea! i was actually just thinking about what color i want!! happy late bday fay! xo

letterstobetsy said...

ah yah! those are so eye catching! I love it! A little black dress and any of those and i would be all set for a friday night!

Trishna said...

I did not really like the look of most of them but the one with sea shells is amazing. :)

I am your newest follower on bloglovin. Here's to staying in touch. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

Sheyla said...

I'm in love with the sea shell shoes, they're sooo gorgeous!

Terri said...

oooh. I LIKE the seashell version, but the one with the brass studs that I see in the background are winners too!

college essays said...

absolutely stunning!! so bright, like I love. simply amazing