Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"we always bring a touch of glamor to day wear" said J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons at the preview of the spring 2010 collection in NY.  this creative preview showed a sequin maxi skirt, high waisted shorts and a general trend toward comfortable glamor {read: neon pink shorts, orange minis and wide-leg pants}.  the looks are inspired by the art work of Hans Hoffman.  VP Marissa Webb spoke about the richness and texture of the new collection that exudes the color and spontaneity of Hoffman's art.  my favorite part...the models sported TANGERINE lipstick [my newest favorite MAC acquisition].  i love to see retailers like J. Crew bringing nice quality, fabulous clothes to the masses for an affordable price and i am very much looking forward to getting some of these pieces in my hands [though the maxi might me a little bit of a stretch...]!!!


here is the image courtesy of J. Crew in the vogue.com article. what do you think?  see a sequin maxi skirt in your future??? :)

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At First Blush said...

Wow - can't wait to check out the spring collection in stores. And the sequin maxi is warming up on me.... it could be cute for a dressy occasion!