Tuesday, November 16, 2010

billy reid

i am honored to say that the winner of the CFDA/vogue fashion fund 2010 is billy reid!!  while my heart breaks for pamela love {what can i say, i am a jewelry junkie!}, reid is a fantastic designer with a tremendous future ahead!  born and raised in louisiana, reid spent the majority of his childhood outdoors exploring while his mother ran a woman's clothing boutique in his grandmother's house - so fitting that he ended up in dallas where he studied fashion design and merchandising.

reid worked with SAKS and reebok before founding his own company in 1995.  by 1998, reid launched his first collection and the fashion community was intrigued by the southern influence on his modern looks.  in 2001, reid won the CFDA perry ellis award but soon after was faced with 9/11 and a shrinking economy.  he stopped designing and producing until 2004, when he revamped his buisness plan and in 2008, he was able to open a flagship store in nyc.  since the opening, billy reid has grown in popularity and recognized as an important player in american fashion.  he was crowned best new designer by the magazine GQ and has a flare for both women's and mens wear design!

i very much look forward to his future collections and to inegrating some of his pieces into my own wardrobe, considering my southern roots and my pechanant for comfy-cozy, i am smitten.  congrats billy, you've won a new supporter!!

images via billyreid[dot]com
bio info via facebook

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