Friday, November 12, 2010

ear feathers

tank: F21 jacket: H&M

so the spring/summer LF sale came and went and i am still lamenting a wonderful, long feather earring that i passed up {probably overlooked due to over stimulation}...  i have been so upset/desperate/frustrated that i could not find one similar to it - let alone one like it at all - that i have activated every crafty bone in my body and actually made two versions of this wonderful piece.  and just in case anyone wants to recreate my fantastic art i am posting the d.i.y.!!

you will need: 
FEATHERS (the prettier the better but i had some in a vase that were about 3" and worked perfectly)
6" of suede rope (whatever color you fancy...mine sort of matches my hair)
beads (matchy-matchy is ugly so have fun with the colors)
earring backs
krazy glue (i never actually heeded the warnings that this stuff is dangerous so watch out)

to make:
- feed the rope through a bead and the jumpring then back through the bead and glue (you can do however many beads you want - my first one had two, the second only one) -- this is the top of your earring and you can put it onto the earring back
- glue a bead on the feather about 1 cm from the tip (like the "bony" tip)
- add another bead to the bottom of the suede rope and insert the "tip" of the feather with the glued on bead into the new bead -- GLUE.

ta da!

yay! im crafty!! hope you enjoy!!! xx shoot me an email if you'd like to buy one of these lil guys!  xo


Anonymous said...

Alex--thanks for this DIY. I've had a feather project going that's been stalled for a while. I think this may have solved my problem.

Jennifer Romero said...

I love feather earrings!
They're so Indie! <3
Thank you so much for your sweet comment! <3