Wednesday, April 13, 2011

teddy bears

saks in the city: santa barbara style

{ME} dress: Free People - belt: Free People - shoes: Dolce Vita - purse: Marc Jacobs  {Brittany} dress: Banana Republic - shoes: Steve Madden - purse: Marc Jacobs - watch: Michael Kors

me, lynn koegel, brittany koegel 

THERE WAS AN ICE LUGE.  after britt and i explained how it worked {at fraternity parties} to her mother...she immediately insisted we try it out.  thank goodness that the alcohol was actually flowing into cups and not lips...haha.

these dancers have become quite common at santa barbara functions recently and are absolutely amazing to watch.  britt and i also just discovered an aerial dance studio {these guys also swing on ropes in the air...} and our first class is tomorrow night!!

tuna tar-tar {there was just about every kind of food one can imagine...}

thursday night i had the pleasure of attending the 2nd annual Saks in the City fundraiser for the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation in Santa Barbara.  not only was it a blast BUT it raised money for a cause that is very close to my heart.  TBCF was established to help children with cancer by providing their parents with aid so that they may have their undivided attention throughout the course of their illness.  this charity is heroic in my mind and i only wish i had more to give :) also i cannot wait for another fun function of theirs!!  enjoy!!!