Thursday, April 21, 2011


Luv AJ spike knucklebuster $150 {here}

the second i lay eyes on this magical, spiky, wire-wrapped two-finger ring i was smitten...buuut i wasn't really in the market to spend that much on a ring i didn't think i would wear that much...SOO {insert brilliant exclamation!} i decided to make-an-afternoon of it an Do-It-my{Yourself}!!! below, the inspiration versus the MINE!!  read on for details!!

{lots, all kinds, any kind - just make sure it's bendable with your fingers}
spikes w/ SCREWbacks
{!! one for each 'ring' -- or more if you so choose!}
scissors, screwdriver

here is my spikes + once you have everything together...wrap some wire around your finger {to whatever size ya like} about 5 or 6 times, securing the ends of the wire by wrapping it around the bundle

my ring wraps...after you've got your rings figured out pick a spot to add your spike...just screw the spike in in the middle of all the wrapped wires...

like so! then cut a piece of wire pretty long to wrap around the entire ring {also securing the spike to the wrapped wire} and wrap, wrap, wrap,   w r a p . . . .

and wrap and wrap and wrap the other ring...then wrap the two together!!



also look out early may for a first look at my etsy store alex marie designs!! enjoy!!! xo

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Anonymous said...

hey where can you get the "spikes"?