Tuesday, February 22, 2011

whatever shall i wear...?!

okay everyone...i need some help! i am fortunate enough to be attending the friday night OSCAR party held by QVC and i am at a stand-still on my dress hunt.  thankfully, a wonderful friend {brittany} put up with my indecision all day though and we were able to narrow it down to these three looks.  i am leaning toward one of them but i was curious to see which you all thought would work best!! they are all BCBG max azria and i love them all for unique reasons...im stuck!!  please help :)


Hillary said...

I say the nude!

Tate Tuckman said...

I think the fun painted looking one or the blue one.. the blue one is classy and very OSCARISH(made up that word)
Sounds like fun!
Tell me which one you decide

Anonymous said...

go blue!