Monday, February 28, 2011

nut knotting

recently there has been an amazing nut knotting bracelet DIY floating around the interwebs and the second i came across the tutorial i KNEW i had to partake in the madness (so lucky for all of you living under a rock, you will learn how to HERE!).  upon a trip to ACE i found some interesting types of nuts -- like these square little guys -- and i was totally inspired!! check it out!!

you will need:
16-20 small nuts (mixing silver and brass would probably be pretty cool...)
3 strands of twine (i tried to find some blue or orange but had no luck...)
20 minutes of free time (preferably while watching jersey shore)

how to:
tie twine together leaving a few inches from the top
braid (1-3")
add a nut to the far left string of the braid before crossing the strand over the middle (make sure the nut stays to the side of the braid)
cross the left strand over the middle
add a nut to the far right string of the braid before crossing over the middle (still making sure it is on the outside of the braid)
continueeee, keeping your fingers at the base of the braid when threading each nut so it doesn't fall apart
**its easier to tape the ends of the string so they do not unravel**
when done adding nuts, braid (1-3" more)
tie off!!

tada!! for another set of instructions (i am so ocd i like to read like 10 different ones before i start it myself...) go here - also i am SO trying gradually increasing the nut size...

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