Wednesday, December 15, 2010

rooster tails

feathers: 19 blue - sweater: wildfox

so very sorry for the lack of actual dialect in my most recent posts, but now that i am home in manhattan beach i finally have some time to sit and think!

HOW COOL ARE THESE?!?! after seeing my wonderful hair dresser melissa with two gorgeous feathers in her hair i went on a quest and found a LOCAL salon that did them!! (thank you brittany koegel) yesterday morning i arrived at 19 blue to get these rooster feather extensions put in.  tawni did an amazing job that took about 15 minutes and $45.  i was shocked and i am absolutely hooked.

she used some sort of crimping ring to secure each little grouping to a tiny group of hair and then poof!  the final result is not given justice in these pictures - in real life they move and flow like natural hair and can be washed and blow dried/curled/straightened.  they are supposed to stay for a longgg time so im crossing my fingers they will survive the ski season!! 


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