Wednesday, December 1, 2010

black swan.

image via cinemablend

image via xcitefun

i am not normally a huge movie fan - i sort of hate the whole process of getting to the theater at the right time/finding a seat in the pitch black/sitting in a chair that god knows how many yucky people have been in/not being able to get up, talk, fidget...anyway, i am going to overcome my distain for the cinema this friday, to go see Black Swan. what could be better than ballet, mila kunis [who lost about 20 lbs to play the part and compared herself at 95 lbs to gollum, meanwhile noting the beauty of her bony figure in photographs {amazing}], natalie portman and a dark, creepy mysterious girl character?! ah, obsessed.

also how amazing are the posters?! they are pieces of art in themselves! 

watch the trailer and you will fall in love too! (even if only for their intense love scene...)!! xx

enjoy :)

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