Saturday, May 29, 2010


memorial day weekend is in full swing! thermometer is up towards 80 and brad and i are settling into playing the real world! i recently moved out of isla vista, a square mile of debauchery, and down to santa barbara proper, right in the middle of a quaint little patch of old fashioned-beach cottages. we love it!

there is a huge park just a block away that hosts festivals throughout the summer! cannot wait! ill make sure to document them all!

so im not a cat all. but this morning i was channel surfing and happened upon these AMAZING specimens....the cornish rex. so now im in love.

these cats are so majestic -- like perfect egyptian statues! ive been reading that they are pretty hypoallergenic (perfecttttt) so im keeping my eye out for any litters out there!

alsoooo! montecito pet shop, on cliff, has new rescues in!!
they are lhasa apso mixes -- and they are ADORABLE. they would love a home :)

thats all for now! have a wonderful weekend!

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