Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Hopefully the Easter Bunny was good to you! Mine hopped along with some Elizabeth and James blouses and of course See's scotchmallows!

Spring has sprung and with it came some peaceful pastels and enough floral prints to last until September! Here's a preview of my favs as of RIGHT now -- along with, of course,the newest Sam Edelman booties -- complete with rhinestones and studs...although I'm beginning to wane on the stud trend, a few here and there make an outfit totally memorable!


Another thing I am in love with RIGHT now is BANDAGE. Who would have thought a dress/skirt made entirely of ELASTIC would be so hot! These little numbers sinch and squeeze in all the right places making anyone so daring as to shimmy into them look fabulous!

I have decided that I may just pack up my bags and move to Utah for the winter. Park City is the ultimate place to play in the snow for a few months and it would give me a great time to work on my snowman building (I made my first one this Christmas with my wonderful
boyfriend Brad directing the effort) I even adorned him with my faux fur Russian-esque hat!

I was quite proud of him! I've also begun to see the enjoyment of skiing much more than I ever though possible! Other than the grapefruit-sized welts on my "shankles" (where my shin meets my ankle), I was totally comfortable and even hiked up to chute 10 with my mom, my friend Karyn and our instructor, Paul. Here's a shot of what it was like -- although the lip/steep downhill isn't so obvious in the picture!

The food in Park City is unbelievably good. Over spring break we hit up all our favorite spots. My brother, Max, came in on Friday and we went to Riverhorse to celebrate with my cousin and second cousin!

That's all for right now! Enjoy the sunshine!


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