Friday, June 25, 2010

e&j fall + lf lovers

after pouring over tons of elizabeth and james fall 2010 preview collection, i have found some MUST haves.

ANYTHING long, baggy, black and knit is an instant favorite of mine, so this striped sweater is going to find it's way into my closet asap!

also, the pea green frock is all the rage for this fall - the perfect color for those out there with red hair!

i am loving the return of puffy shoulders too! i am so excited to know that last year's shoulder poofs were not a silly purchase!

all the olive green is AMAZING! this retro green does wonders for hazel eyes too!

as the sun has been peaking out recently, i have been reminded that it is summer and i need to get myself in the swing of dressing like an ethereal princess! these looks are the ultimate summer-time dress code, thanks to LF and their fantastic stylists!

lace princesses, beautiful greenery - makes me want to take a trip up to red rock in the santa barbara mountains ASAP!

ah, the beach. love love love the retro shorts + hat. my hat collection is growing...and growing due to my preoccupation with preventing wrinkles so ill have to post some hat snapshots asap!

off to TAIKO with the parents! xx

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